ADAMED SmartUP in a nutshell

The 1st edition of the scientific and educational ADAMED SmartUP programme entered its key stage. Following the scientific game, online test and recruitment interview, our programme enters the next stage – in July, 50 participants will go to the innovative science camp.

How has ADAMED SmartUP developed during that time?

People registered for participation, and of the knowledge enthusiasts participated in the first stage – a scientific game. People with the top scores in the game qualified to the next recruitment stage – the on-line knowledge test. Those who successfully dealt with scientific puzzles and knowledge quizzes were asked to send in their application – CV, copies of reports and certificates, information on Olympiads, competitions and any extracurricular activities as well as a teacher’s reference. Based on the analysis of the application documents, candidates were selected and invited to the recruitment meeting. Their job was to convince the Scientific Council of the Programme that they are the best candidates to participate in the next stage of the programme. From the talks emerged participants of the science camp, which will enable them to further develop their passions.

Who are the camp participants?

They are outstanding students, participants of research projects and frequent guests at scientific seminars. They proficiently use laboratory equipment on an everyday basis, and a gas chromatograph, spectrometer, C++ programing, electrophoresis techniques and PCR hold no secrets for them. They are laureates of national and international Olympiads and competitions in disciplines such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, IT and astronomy. In their free time they are active in student research associations, they deal with robotics, Latin and Linux, program microcontrollers, explore IT safety, cryptography or algorithmics and even tinker with experimental physics.

What awaits them at the camp?

In just a couple of days, the participants will meet in Warsaw in order to unravel the mysteries of chemistry and biochemistry, master the intricacies of medicine and medical sciences, acquire knowledge in the field of engineering and robotics and develop their skills in the field of physics and nanotechnology. In addition to a wide-ranging study programme, the participants will also visit a number of research institutes and entities including, among others, the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Copernicus Science Centre, Space Research Centre and even the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk.

The 2nd edition of ADAMED SmartUP begins soon – and you may be one of its laureates. Please follow the news – more information coming soon.

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