High school students perform well in medical diagnostics!

Another session of ADAMED SmartUP Academy took place on 23rd March this year at a laboratory of the Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education in Warsaw. This time the participants broadened their knowledge of biotechnology and, more specifically, of the application of antibodies for medical diagnostics. The central point on the workshop agenda was to run immunology tests oneself.

Antibodies are often used for medical diagnostics e.g. in pregnancy tests, allergy testing, tests that determine the concentration of specific antibodies in blood, as well as to detect viruses e.g. influenza. During the classes, the students had a chance to run two tests based on antibodies: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA used for allergy diagnostics e.g. in people allergic to cats, and anti-streptolysin O test used to confirm the history of streptococcal infection (streptococcal tonsillitis) and to diagnose rheumatic disorders.

In order to ensure a better understanding of antibodies application in medical diagnostics, the lecturers presented the symptoms and course of selected diseases, including allergic diseases and bacterial and viral infections. What is more, the participants learnt about the ways of retrieving and producing antibodies and their other applications e.g. in therapy or research.

ADAMED SmartUP Academy is not only about biotechnology courses. It comprises classes in medicine, chemistry, biochemistry and physics, as well. They will be held in Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk, Gliwice and Lublin in the months to come. Detailed information on the workshops may be found at:

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