ADAMED SmartUP with a chance for a prestigious distinction!

31 October 2016

ADAMED SmartUP has a chance to be included in the prestigious first Polish list of the most significant projects concerning the educational activity of companies. Other initiatives of the Adamed Group – “Deep Breath” and “A Change of Heart” were nominated as well, and the Expert Jury evaluated them very positively, but the final version of the list depends on the results of online voting.

The compilation of the list was initiated by the Responsible Business Forum, a key non-governmental organisation in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The List will indicate business initiatives that affected stakeholders to the largest extent, or introduced some ground-breaking changes in a given community and are identified as models of effectiveness and success.

More than 250 projects of different companies in Poland were entered the competition. All the projects were reviewed by the experts in detail. Only 51 initiatives, including as many as three projects of the Adamed Group, qualified for the final stage – online voting.

Conducting our activities in a responsible manner is a permanent feature of the Adamed Group’s corporate culture. We are very happy to have a chance to participate in the initiative of the Responsible Business Forum. We treat the qualification of our projects to the second stage as a confirmation of the quality of our CSR activities – says Anna Kosińska, CSR Project Manager.

ADAMED SmartUP is a project that corresponds with the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility that strives to educate Poland’s top scientists of the future. We count on your votes! Please vote for ADAMED SmartUP here:

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