17 August 2020

At 4 p.m., on Sunday, August 16, we have inaugurated the science camp of the 6th edition of the ADAMED SmartUP Programme. Over the two coming weeks, 50 particularly gifted students will be participating in classes ranging from quantum physics, through molecular biology and nanotechnology, to robot programming and surgical suturing. For the first time, the camp will be entirely held online.

Camp participants have been carefully chosen in a multi-stage recruitment process that began last autumn. Now, for the next two weeks, they will work in 4 groups, focusing on the field of science that interests them the most: chemistry & biochemistry, medicine & medical sciences, engineering & robotics, and physics & new technologies.

“We know what we can offer you, and how much our support can change in your lives. We have completed 5 editions of the programme and throughout this time have experienced a lot. Our alumni study at top universities in Poland and abroad. And you already are in the elite group of our campers—among 300 people selected out of 40 thousand users registered in the programme. I sincerely congratulate you on this success,” said Katarzyna Dubno, the Adamed Foundation Board Member, in her welcome speech to the participants on the Sunday’s inauguration.

Regardless of this year’s online form, the camp activities are, like every other year, both theoretical and practical. Invariably, the integration aspect remains an integral part of those, thanks to which youth from all around Poland can share skills and inspire each other to continue pursuing their scientific adventure. Students will also take part in events going beyond their home laboratories: in a videoconference with a Himalayan mountaineer – Piotr Pustelnik, a virtual tour around the Research and Development Facility of the Adamed company, and many extracurricular activities prepared by the programme’s graduates.

Conducting practical classes remotely is possible thanks to the generous camp bundles that were sent to each participant. One can find there the required educational aids and equipment: microscopes, automated pipetting systems, programmable robots, and everyday commodities of the young scientists like durable notebooks and sustainable mugs for their favourite drinks, to name a few.

“This year’s online camp will be as attractive as the previous ones, but we hope to also meet with our scientific community newcomers face-to-face soon,” added Martyna Strupczewska, the ADAMED SmartUP Programme Manager, during the inaugural ceremony.

In the autumn, 10 laureates will be selected out of the 50 campers and will be awarded the main prize of the ADAMED SmartUP Programme—a year-long opportunity to participate in a tailored academic advising scheme. Then, the best 3 scholars will receive a financial scholarship for pursuing their future endeavours.

The recruitment process for the 7th edition of the ADAMED SmartUP Programme starts this September. If you are passionate about natural sciences and are between 14 and 19 years old—do not wait any longer to register!

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