The recruitment game is over. The Earth saved!

20 January 2021

The recruitment game for the 7th  edition of ADAMED SmartUP program came to an end last week. The theme of the game was climate change and environmental pollution. Our online platform on which the game was played attracted almost 8000 high school students aged 14-19 teenagers from all over Poland.

This year, the participants played roles of advisers preparing scientific expertise in the field of environmental protection. There were 10 problems to solve in 5 thematic categories, assigned to various fields of science – biology, chemistry, medicine, computer science and astrophysics. The tasks were created in the way that allowed every student to meet his or her area of ​​interest. Consequently, organizers also wanted to emphasize that we can fight deepening global problems in terms of ecology as well as in other fields, seemingly unrelated to environmental threats.

We are delighted that so many people took part in our online game. This proves that a large group of Polish students are passionate about science and that there is a wide group of talented teenagers from which we make the final selection. I believe that our game was a valuable tool for expanding knowledge on essential topics and at the same time a great motivation to learn and discover passions – says Martyna Strupczewska, the manager of ADAMED SmartUP program.  

Next week, teenagers with the highest scores will be asked to complete recruitment applications on a special platform. The deadline is 17th February. Following application analysis, the Scientific Council will select persons who will be invited for interviews.

The whole recruitment process will end in April. Then, 50 teenagers with the highest scores will receive invitations to the camp. They will join the group of ADAMED SmartUP participants in July 2021.

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The recruitment game is over. The Earth saved!

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The recruitment game for the 7th  edition of ADAMED SmartUP program came to an...


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