Become a scientist

Do you like exact science?

Are you into scientific processes? Do you often ask “How does it work”? Are you wondering whether it is worth it to bind your future to science? YES, absolutely! Here you will find information on why it is worth becoming a scientist, where to study exact science and how to prepare for it.

In the „Science on the web” tab, you will find links to interesting scientific web pages from all over the world.

Where to study?

University of Warsaw

Apart from many curricula in human sciences, the University of Warsaw also offers scientific curricula.

Jagiellonian University

One of the oldest universities in the world, Jagiellonian University has many interesting scientific curricula in its offer.

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University of Cambridge

The best university for studying exact science in the United Kingdom. Its graduates include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Dorothy Hodgkin. Cambridge University graduates have won a total of 76 Nobel prizes in science.
Cambridge offers a unique studying system for scientists: the application of the Natural Sciences curriculum, within which you choose four scientific subjects in the first year (from geology to cell biology), and in subsequent years you narrow your specialisation to finish the third year with a single subject.

University of Oxford

One of the most famous universities in the world; apart from human disciplines (which it is famous for), it also offers courses for scientists.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London offers courses only in exact science. It is famous especially for its developed research in engineering and biomedicine. If you want to study at a university where the structure of DNA was discovered, where protein structures were investigated and a sheep was cloned, foreign universities are open for you!

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT conducts world-class level scientific research and is famous for providing very good studying conditions for engineers.

University of California, Berkeley

Scientists at the University of California in Berkeley have discovered 6 chemical elements. If you want to discover more with them, consider applying to this university.

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Courses and science camps

Learning never ends, especially if it is combined with passion. Develop your knowledge during additional science courses in Poland and abroad. See details regarding the costs, deadlines and topics of the most interesting educational trips on the planet!

How to enrol for studies abroad?

The application process for studies abroad is different from the one in Poland, it also differs from country to country and from university to university – for example some require filling out a special form or writing a motivation letter. In many cases you will need to confirm your proficiency in the language in which the lectures will be conducted, or you will have to take additional tests to check your knowledge – details are available on each university’s webpage. Below, you will find information concerning application for studies in the United Kingdom and in the USA – countries whose universities are leaders in science.


Applying for studies in the USA takes more time than in Europe, so it is […]

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the recruitment for studies is operated by an internet system UCAS […]

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