Science in the web

On the Coursera webpage, you can subscribe for on-line courses encompassing everything from the basics of a given subject to the most complicated and specialised issues.

A YouTube channel providing a regular dose of scientific curiosities presented in an amusing and extraordinary way.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to make learning accessible to everybody with no limitations.

On the EdX page you will find the internet versions of the best courses in many scientific disciplines, branded by renowned universities around the world like MIT or Oxford University.

A very interesting portal enabling web surfers not only to learn interesting, daily published scientific facts from various disciplines, but also to share their own articles.

Copernicus Science Centre

The Warsaw Copernicus Science Centre website provides you with description and with opening hours of its interactive exhibitions, as well as with texts regarding various curiosities from the world of science.

A website of the Polish edition of the world’s most famous journal in popular science, where you can find all the most important information from the scientific community in Polish.

A website of a group of young Polish physicists who exercise an unusual and attractive approach to the phenomena around us.

On the ScienceDaily website, you will find the most recent information regarding literally every discipline of science, from medicine to geology.

A portal of a popular science weekly, published in Australia and in the USA, where we can find information on the most important events form almost every scientific discipline.