Agata Janczak

Agata is a finalist of the Department of Education’s competition in chemistry! 

Agata has numerous interests, ranging from sports (horse riding and volleyball) and social issues (psychology) to science (chemistry, and especially biochemistry, biology and medicine). She also loves to travel. What impressed her the most so far were a trip to China and a cruise on the sailing ship Pogoria. Recently, she has been working on her English. Unfortunately, one person is not able to do everything at once, so some of her passions have to wait until the holidays – Agata would like to obtain a sailing certificate and go on a horse riding camp this year. Agata would like to become a finalist or the laureate of the Chemistry Olympiad, do well in her high school finals and then study medicine at Oxbridge.
During the holidays, she would also like to take internships in the field of medicine or biology in order to develop her skills and extend her knowledge in these disciplines.

Individual ADAMED SmartUP educational tutoring programme:

Agata is also taking classes in the subjects that she needs to study in order to prepare for her high school finals and the Olympiad. She spends 1.5 hour per week preparing for the BMAT. Every hour spent in class is extremely valuable for Agata. The teachers show a different, more profound insight into each subject and motivate her to work hard.

The greatest scientific achievements:

Agata’s greatest scientific achievements involve participation in the Olympiad, becoming a finalist of the Department of Education’s competition in chemistry, an internship at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology and receiving the ADAMED SmartUP programme scholarship.