Maciej Draguła

Maciej is a student at the University of Wrocław, pursuing in two majors: computer science and physics. Under a student exchange program, he spent one year of study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne. He lists his academic interests as deep learning (reinforcement learning and computer vision), quantum mechanics, and mathematical aspects of physics. However, by his own admission, he is interested in everything. – I enjoy reading about new developments in all fields of exact sciences. I’m fascinated by the complexity of the world. What appeals to me is the objectivity of science, and its independence from the subjective beliefs of researchers. The puzzles to be solved are non-trivial, and the solutions can contribute to improving the global quality of life and understanding the mechanisms of the universe.

Maciej has completed a range of internships, for example at Google and CERN. During the latter, he took part in a highly successful project presented at the ACAT 2022 conference in Bari. The team is currently preparing a paper for publication in “Journal of Physics: Conference Series”. – I definitely recommend summer internships to future computer scientists and IT professionals. It’s a perfect opportunity to level up your programming skills, visit other cities or countries, expand your English in practical situations, meet people from other countries, and earn some money. I’ve compiled a long list of companies and institutions where you might benefit from IT internships – says Maciej encouragingly.

Lately, he has been focusing on pursuing his non-academic dreams. He has walked alone over 500 km of the Camino de Santiago, ran a marathon for the third time, obtained another diving certificate (AOWD), tried rock climbing for the first time, taken up photography, started teaching himself Spanish, learned to snowboard, and… there’s more. In November, Maciej would like to sail across the Atlantic on the sailing ship ‘Fryderyk Chopin’ as a teacher to youth taking part in the sail training project The Blue School.

He has not decided yet whether, after completing his master’s degree, he will start his doctoral studies or get a job in the industry.