Magdalena Puzio

Magdalena is 17 years old and has been enthralled by the workings of the world around her for as long as she can remember. – As far back as elementary school, I enjoyed learning how to describe various processes occurring in nature. And I did well in mathematics. This is why I decided to pursue a career in exact sciences. Her main interests include aerospace engineering and physics.

By her own admission, a turning point in her life came when she signed up for the ADAMED SmartUP program. – When I took part in the program, I was 15, so I was the youngest camp participant. That was the first time I met so many people with diverse talents and abilities. I was motivated by their successes and activities to get involved in various scientific endeavors. Thanks to the classes, I designed and built a model of a glider. I also prepared for participation in the Mathematical Linguistics Olympiad. In this year’s edition, I reached the finals. I took part in the sessions of the MELprop Propulsion Student Research Group at Warsaw University of Technology, which inspired me to expand my knowledge of chemistry and take up courses at the University even before my high school graduation – she explains.

Asked about her greatest success, she mentions participation in the Learn&Fly 2022 glider flight distance competition. – I was the team leader, so I was in charge of the entire project from the subject-matter perspective, but I also did most of the modeling work. I created the model from the initial concept to the final touches. I carried out aerodynamic simulations of the bearing surfaces, optimizing the performance and adapting all parameters to the constraints of the competition – she reminisces. At present, Magdalena is working on a model glider that will fly in this year’s edition of the competition. In addition, she has already started theoretical training for the glider pilot license. At the moment, she is busy preparing a scientific workshop on aerospace engineering, which she plans to run this summer.

Magdalena is combining her high school education with university courses. – I’ve recently started the second semester of the extramural studies at Warsaw University of Technology, based on the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. This semester, I decided to take courses in mathematical analysis, mechanics, thermodynamics, and electrical engineering.  In the future, she plans to study aeronautical engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. She would also like to take up a research placement at Warsaw Institute of Aviation.