Are you a scientist with passion? Apply to FameLab

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The finalists from previous years – Monika A. Koperska and Dariusz Aksamit – invite everyone who “is enthusiastic about their scientific work and wants to infect others with this enthusiasm” to participate in this year’s edition of FameLab competition.

Hi, it’s us.FameLab finalists: scientists and science popularisers at the same time.
What do we do?We open windows of seemingly closed laboratories by talking about complex research conducted by scientists in Poland and abroad in an absorbing manner.

Why do we do it? Among many reasons, probably the most important concerns the public funding of science – we need to talk about science, as the research is funded from taxes, from the money of all of us.

What is FameLab? It is a competition created in 2005 in Great Britain by the organisers of the Cheltenham Festival. Today, its editions take place in over thirty countries across the world. FameLab participants have only three minutes to fascinate the public with science. They can use any props, as long as they can carry them onstage and operate them…

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Authors:Monika Koperska and Dariusz Aksamit, Are you a scientist with passion?
Apply to FameLab, Gazeta Wyborcza, Science, 15 January 2015

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