Science in the web

A portal full of scientific articles and most recent information on interesting research from around the world.

The main goal of the portal is to support exact science in schools. Inspiring articles, smart videos and interesting questions raised by researchers from New Zealand.

A website about sustainable development. Contains discussions on design, technology, transport, science, health and environment.

This is a webpage informing about breakthrough events in the world of science, technology, health, environment, culture and history. The content is presented in interesting articles, videos, photos and quizzes.

A portal providing current information about technology, astronomy and the world around us. Among the articles on the latest NASA discoveries, there are also some videos and amazing photos.

One of the most popular scientific websites on the Internet, visited by 6 million unique users each month.
It publishes the results of scientific research done by scientists from around the world.

RedOrbit brings you a fresh dose of news on exact science, space, health and technology, provided in an amusing and gripping way.

Projektor Jagielloński

A magazine for popular science presenting the achievements and research of scientists connected with Jagiellonian University.

Eduscience is an innovative sharing platform with free educational materials concerning exact and natural sciences, prepared by the scientists of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

A YouTube channel proving that even the most complex issues from the world of science can be presented in an interesting, accessible way.