Jędrzej Machtyl

Jędrzej is currently on the medical program at the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW). As he himself admits, his scientific interests have been evolving quite a bit recently. At the moment, Jędrzej is most fascinated by neurology, psychiatry, and neuroscience in its broadest sense. He finds himself drawn in particular to degenerative diseases, dementias, affective disorders and mental conditions caused by organic changes in the brain, i.e. neuropsychiatry. – I believe that exact and natural sciences, including medical sciences, are among the most important human activities. They’re the driving forces behind the progress in civilization, technology and, to some extent, culture. Scientific discoveries have an immense impact on the quality and length of human life. I’d like to make my contribution to this tradition – he adds.

Jędrzej is currently exploring potential avenues for professional development and honing his organizational skills. He is a member of the board of the MUW Student Scientific Society and the board of the MUW Student Psychiatry Club. Along with his colleagues from the Psychiatry Club, he is doing preliminary work on a project in the area of sleep disorders. Jędrzej is thinking of pursuing his specialty training in neurology, psychiatry, or ophthalmology. – All I know for sure is that I don’t want to be a surgeon. At the moment, I’m not planning to apply for a residency program abroad, but I may still change my mind. The thing I’m most proud of is my work ethic which helps me achieve good academic performance while pursuing other academic and non-academic interests, such as literature, cinema, analog photography and philosophy, especially the philosophy of science and social philosophy – he sums up.