The next stage of the recruitment process

22 January 2020

On 15th January, we completed the next stage of recruitment for the 6th edition of the ADAMED SmartUP scholarship programme. In total, 8,724 students aged 14-19 signed up. Those who took on the challenge had the opportunity to test their knowledge and analytical thinking skills by solving riddles in exact and natural sciences. The number of log-ins on the last day of the competition shows that registered users were fighting for the best score until the very end.

In this edition of the programme, young science enthusiasts played the role of research interns at the ADAMED SmartUP University. To no surprise, students mainly played our game in the late afternoons and evenings. We recorded increased activity on our platform after 5:00 PM. Interestingly, our virtual university had more female interns who accounted for 60% of all players.

The participants’ task was to verify the information provided in 10 themed folders and identify false information. The main theme of the game was the fight against fake news. To solve the puzzles, they needed to use their knowledge of biology, medicine, chemistry, computer studies, and astrophysics, and most importantly, their critical thinking skills and the ability to analyse facts.

The users were also able to get useful tips from other staff members of the virtual university. They were allowed to ask for assistance in solving problems on quantum computers which turned out to be the greatest challenge. They only scored 34% in this folder. The least difficult task, on the other hand, was called “The Annihilating Asteroids” where the participants had to determine if the threats from the space were real.

In total, the maximum number of points in the challenge was 205. Given the varying level of difficulty, getting the maximum score was extremely challenging. Yet, not one but three competitors managed to go over 200 points!

“We want to congratulate those with the highest scores as well as everyone who decided to spend their time on solving any of the problems. Given that the mission of the ADAMED SmartUP programme is primarily to promote science and encourage young people to pursue their scientific interests, we are happy for everyone who’s learned something new with our game,” said Martyna Strupczewska, Manager of the ADAMED SmartUP Programme.

Students with the highest scores will now be requested to send their applications. After they have been reviewed, the ADAMED SmartUP Scientific Council will invite 100 applicants for an interview. Out of this group, 50 will be selected to participate in the summer science camp with a chance of winning the main prize: a 10-month-long educational mentoring programme and a scholarship to support further education.

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